Fun Factory Share XS (Dark Blue)

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Fun Factory Share XS (Dark Blue)

Fun Factory Share XS (Dark Blue)


Everyone wants to be the other for a brief moment.



Everyone wants to be 'the other” for a brief moment.

With SHARE XS you can now fulfill this wish. With a special design that helps break down inhibitions, the SHARE XS partner dildo is particularly cherished by beginners.

Its graceful shape entices you to experiment and for the passive partner it’s an absolutely thrilling ride!

Like all of our toys, the SHARE XS is ergonomically formed. The larger end fits optimally into the vagina, the raised part promising improved hold. The slender end then stimulates the male G-spot.

Special features* indulges both the active and passive partner * scooped base offers hold without compromising freedom of movement * adapts perfectly to the body * delicate, semi-natural shape

STUBS are made of 100% silicone! They are flexible without losing the necessary firmness, are gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. If cooled or warmed, in the bathtub or on terra firma – they guarantee diversified stimulation.

Lengths of inserted parts:

  • active part: 10 cm
  • passive part: 12 cm

Ø toy-peak active part: 3,5 cm Ø toy-peak passive part: 2,27 cm